You Are Paying For Free Services With Your Privacy

privacy-cartoonDo you have a Gmail account?  Maybe you like to post what’s going on in your life to all your friends and family on Facebook.  In either case, you need to realize that free services aren’t really free.  All the information you use to build up your profile is in the control of the companies you freely give it to.  All this in exchange for being able to send email and post pictures of your cats.

ReadWrite recent wrote up a piece discussing how we are giving our privacy away one convenience at a time.  In essence, this is the other side of the debate on corporate and government use of our information.  Why are we so keen on giving it up in the first place?  Why do expect these entities to be good stewards of our data?  By no means do I condone the actions of the NSA or Facebook, but sometimes you have to take a good look in the mirror and stop being an enabler.

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