The Coming Wave Of Quantum Computers & The NSA

News has recently come out showcasing the NSA’s desire to create a quantum computer in order to crack every existing form of encryption known.  Well that is until quantum computing is available for the companies creating encryption methodologies.  Although it isn’t new information that the NSA has had its beady eyes focus on this objective for a while, it just makes everything all the more creepier given all the recent revelations of their practices.

If you are not familiar with what a quantum computer is in the first place, here is a video from Veritasium that goes over the basics (if you can call it that).  Pay particularly close attention to the 5 minute mark forward and you’ll understand why this form of computer will be perfect to carry out the NSA’s schemes.

Thankfully, they will likely be some years off before attaining their goal. Hopefully…

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