Canada Is Reviewing Its Privacy Policies As A Result Of The NSA Leaks

As a result of the massive intelligence leak of NSA information by whistle blower Edward Snowden, Canada’s own intelligence agencies are now taking a hard look at Canada’s privacy and eavesdropping policies. This information came to light this week as the result of a memo which was recently declassified and details the steps that Canada is taking in its policy review efforts.

The memo is not dated and therefore cannot be tied down to a specific date, but it is addressed to Stephen Rigsby, the National Security Advisor, so was definitely composed during his tenure.  The CSEC, which is the Canadian version of the NSA, if the topic of the memo – specifically how they plan to deal with the potential damage two security systems as a result of the NSA leak.

The memo was previously classified and top-secret, but was obtained by a Canadian newspaper and the contents made public.

CSEC spokesperson Lauri Sullivan said that the agency will continue to review its policies and procedures to make sure that they are both effective and in the best interests of the nation, both of which are top priorities.

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