The Best Torrent Friendly VPN Service Providers

It is common practice for anyone downloading torrents regularly to take advantage of a VPN service to gain additional privacy protection.  The problem is that not all VPN services are torrent friendly.  Very few VPN providers will blatantly tell users they are not torrent friendly because they don’t want to lose business.  Instead, they will cancel a user’s account once they begin downloading torrents.  Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to identify VPN services that are truly torrent friendly.

They Ask for Very Little Personal Information

The first way to identify torrent friendly VPN services is to look at how much information they collect.  The less personal information they ask for, the more they value anonymity.  The best torrent friendly VPN services require no personal information at all.  The only items they require are a username and password.  They also accept Bitcoin payments so users do not need to supply a credit card, bank account, or other forms of authorized payment.

They Do Not Log User Activity

Another great sign that a service is torrent friendly is that it does not log user activity.  The more information a service logs about individual users, the easier it is for them to ban accounts.  If you use a no logging VPN service, they could not take any action against you even if they wanted to.  Many VPN services will log user activity so they can take action whenever they receive a DMCA request.  A subtle way to find out if your VPN service is logging your activity is by looking at their bandwidth monitoring.  If a VPN service caps or throttles bandwidth, then they are logging user activity.

They Provide Additional Privacy Tools

Not logging user activity is critical, but there are a variety of additional tools they can provide to maximize user anonymity and become as torrent friendly as possible.  Along with an encrypted VPN connection, they will also include a VPN firewall and proxy service as well.  This gives users additional ways to mask their online identity.

Just Ask

The easiest way to find out if a VPN service provider is torrent friendly is by asking.  Quality VPN services have some form of customer support.  Take advantage of this and contact them before signing up.  There have not been very many reported cases of a VPN service provider lying about whether or not they support torrent downloads.

Just Ask – Part 2

Along with contacting VPN services directly, another easy way to find the best torrent friendly VPN services is by asking others.  Torrents are one of the most popular types of downloads across the globe, and a growing number of downloaders use a VPN service.  By asking around, it will immediately become evident which torrent friendly VPN services are the most popular.

To save some time, take a look at the list below.  It contains the most popular torrent friendly VPN services across the globe.  All of these services have been verified as torrent friendly and take user anonymity extremely seriously.

# Of Countries
Monthly Price
Private Internet Access
Express VPN

  • You have Hide My Ass on your list, but it is well known that they log and will turn you in if subponead for any reason.

  • Indeed, including Hide My Ass on a list such as this veers perilously close to self-parody, does it not? They’re great protection… except when they sell you out and off to prison you go for your hactivist work (no subpoena required – they rolled over without even bothering to ask for one). And then they get all weepy and apologetic? Please, make it stop:

    Ah, and then there’s Torguard. Don’t be tricked into thinking they have anything to do with Tor – the actual Tor Project, that is. They don’t; they just stole then name. Also: don’t you dare transmit, um, “adult content” over their network or they’ll snitch you out. Oh and you better not transmit any “audio or video downloads” on their VPN unless “you are the writer and copyright owner of the resources or you have a right to distribute the materials.” Which I am sure is something every torrenting customer can say with confidence… right?

    But wait, there’s more! Torguard says these anti-customer handicaps are “actively and strictly enforced” – sort of hard to imagine how that’s done if they don’t actively log (and monitor) customer activity on their “private” network, isn’t it? These are all verbatim quotes from their Terms of Service page – check it out, it’s a good read. Indeed, reading the ToS for any service provider is pretty much a Good Idea.

    The VPN “industry” is currently filled with hype and hot air. Enough is enough. Customers deserve better than snitchware like Hide My Ass, ToS/logging fiascoes like Torguard, and the generic stampede of me-too johnny-come-lately tagalongs who wilt under pressure and can’t carry themselves with professionalism as security industry participants (for example: Torguard has yet to reply when called out on their ToS problems in public – not very confidence inspiring, when they hide under the table rather than speaking up like real pros).

    Substantive companies focus on genuine issues of network security that directly impact customer safety and network reliability. Wispy newcomers just copy/paste text from industry veterans, spend their time coming up with cute logos, resort to hand-waving about magical (nonexistent) super-secret technologies, and dodge hard-hitting criticism from qualified security industry professionals like Jacob Applebaum.

    It’s time for a rebirth of the “VPN industry,” a return to a place where customers had real confidence that their service provider would go to the mat to protect them – no matter what. Why bother with VPN service if you don’t know it’ll be there when you need it?

  • I’m I blind, what are you guys talking about? I don’t see Hide My Ass on the list, and of course it should not be. Maybe it was on there in the past and they took it off. People, Please listen: Hide my ass is NOT torrent or p2p friendly! I know from experience.

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