The 6 Strikes Rule Now Being Enforced

The Six Strikes rule is the first phase of implementation of the Copyright Alert System as outlined by the Center for Copyright Information.  That center is the love child of major ISP’s, the RIAA, and MPAA and, as you can imagine, it has caused quite the controversy.  That controversy is in part due to the nebulous circumstances in which it came about.

Who Does it Affect

If you are downloading music from sources that you didn’t pay to receive that content then this probably has you a bit concerned (or looking additional ways to hide your tracks).  Watch the video below to get an idea of how the warning system works and the penalties that you may receive as a result of your activity.

They seem benign at first until you realize that you can be sued if you are particularly active.

What Should You Do

The internet has been abuzz with people trying to get petitions signed, different ways of circumventing the watchful eyes of your ISP, to begging groups like Anonymous to take action.  Whether or not the 6 strikes rule will have any real lasting effect is yet to be seen but it is pretty clear that things will likely get uglier before getting better.

As with anything, be careful of what you are doing in the wilds of the net because you are being watched.  No matter if you are doing something construed as being illegal or just surfing youtube, know you are being tracked.  Start getting familiar with proxy services, vpn’s, and the like because there are many “big brother’s” out there.

Let me know what you think of all this in the comments below.  Are you for tighter copyright controls or does a world free from intellectual property laws seem more appealing?


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    Mark says:

    Time Warner will be doing the same thing. There is only one way to deal with this.

    “Time Warner you’re fired!”

    If your ISP will be part of this, give em a call and let them know they’re loosing you as a customer. Now, I know that these companies have a monopoly or duopoly in whatever area they serve which is why they have the audacity of thinking they can get away with this. But remember, these companies exist because WE will it. It is our hard earned money that makes their profits, despite what the RIAA, and MPAA have given them for this. WE are the customers. There was this old saying… what was it? Oh yes! THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! You (ISPs and RIAA, and MPAA) keep pushing and you may just find yourself on the wrong side of congressional legislation.

    • Admin says:

      You are right, Mark. Companies (and politicians) will always follow their profits and unfortunately it is the only way to get their attention.

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    Tim says:

    Interesting, so they may release your IP address if presented with a subpoena, good thing supreme court recently ruled that the IP s not sufficient as a form of identification within any court.

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